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Looking after your drinks bottle

Once you’ve got your Hydrorace drinks bottle you’ll want to keep it in top condition. Here’s how…

  • You can put juices, water and even fizzy drinks in your drinks bottle. Just make sure you rinse and clean using these instructions.
  • Rinse your drinks bottle after each use. Thoroughly hand wash it with dishwashing/washing-up liquid and leave it to dry after each event.
  • Do not place your drinks bottle in a dishwasher under any circumstance. Warm soapy water is the best bath for your bottle!
  • Your straw and bite valve can be separated by gently pulling the valve from the straw. Wash the bite valve just the same as the drinks bottle.
  • To clean the straw simply run water through the length of the straw. Leave it to dry naturally.
  • Don’t leave stagnant water in your drinks bottle or straw after use. Particularly in direct sunlight. Black mould spots will begin to appear...

    • If that does happen, don’t panic. You can sterilise your drinks bottle with cleaning tablets.
    • You can clean the straw with pipe cleaners, or you can grab some new ones.
  • The straw is our own specification of blue tinted PVC. It’s super flexible and can be coiled above the cap when you aren’t using it. Between events we recommend you store your drinks bottle with the straw uncoiled.

    • It may take a day or so to return your straw to its original position. If you need to, you can speed the process up by plunging the straw into warm water.
  • Hydrorace drinks bottles do not puncture easily, but we know that accidents happen. Unfortunately your drinks bottle could get damaged if dropped from a height onto a solid surface, like tarmac or concrete. Take care of it!
  • Your drinks bottle will be watertight when upturned. However shaking vigorously will cause a slight leak from the cap. Watch out when mixing a nutrition powder in your drinks bottle.

Any problems? Get in touch.