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Drinks bottles for motorsport pit and paddock use

Whether you are at a damp and dreary Lydden Hill or a roasting hot Sakhir Circuit, we are committed to keeping you hydrated throughout your race weekend; from when you arrive at the circuit until the moment your engineer gives you the thumbs up before the green flag lap.

The Hydrorace bottle has been designed to be used with a helmet and HANS device on, making it perfect for use in the pit lane or the grid before the race start, as well as in and around the paddock.

Weighing in at 1L and using the highest quality Swiss made aluminium drinks bottle, the Hydrorace bottle is the perfect addition to your kit bag. It's fitted with a long drink tube and bite valve making it perfect for shoving up inside your helmet on the grid or during those tyre crossover stops.

Bottle options

0.75L drivers' bottle

Our entry level drivers' bottle. 750ml in volume and constructed in Switzerland from high-quality translucent polypropylene.

The bottle can be reduced to its component parts for easy cleaning and features a handy open and close feature so you can transport your pre-made hydration solution to the track.

All materials used are BPA free.

1L drivers' bottle

1 litre in volume and available in white or black, our standard bottles are the perfect solution to keeping you hydrated at the track.

Made from a single piece of lightweight extruded aluminium, coupled with a long straw and bite valve, the Hydrorace bottle is stylish and extremely practical.

Custom bottle

From one-offs to full team or car lineups, driver names to sponsor logos and bespoke airbrushing services, we can create the product that really gives your partners the recognition that they deserve.

Custom bottles can be designed to your specification to reflect you or your sponsors brand image.

Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.


Replacement length of straw

Replacement length of straw and fitting instructions. Ideal for an end of season refresh.
Bite valve not included.

Replacement bite valve

Replacement bite valve.
Colours may vary. Straw not included.

SIGG bottle clean tablets

Keep your Hydrorace bottle in top condition with these bottle clean tablets. Recomended for use every three months or when you feel your bottle needs a deep clean. Pack of 20 individually wrapped tablets.

Helmet dryer

Designed and produced by Capit in Italy, the Hydrorace helmet dryer is perfect for drying your helmet in between stints or after free practice. With a heated and cold air function, our dryer will begin to dry your helmet within a couple of minutes rendering it ready for use for your next session, or to be stowed away in your kit bag before your next meeting.

Supplied with a English (UK - 230 Volt) plug attachment (EU, AUS and USA available on request)

ILE default mini - Hydrorace edition

The ultimate race day backpack, designed with room for your Hydrorace bottle, a laptop, racewear and protection from the rain. Constructed using the highest quality materials, this bag is comfortable for everyday use but will also carry larger loads with ease.

SOS Rehydrate

SOS Rehydrate is a fast-acting electrolyte replacement drink that has been created to prevent and help combat mild to moderate dehydration due to active lifestyles and physical performance. Unlike most sports drinks, SOS has 50% more electrolytes and 75% less carbohydrates. When compared to energy drinks whose main ingredients are sugar and caffeine, they only give an artificial energy boost, and are not meant to hydrate you. SOS Rehydrate uses the right mix of electrolytes that will help your body maximize its ability to get more out of water - so you can better hydrate and stay hydrated longer.

Hydrorace recommends two to three Stix per bottle. Dilute as required.

Available in berry and citrus flavours. Each box contains 10 Stix.

P1 Nutrition RaceFuel

RaceFuel is scientifically formulated to targeted the sustained strain on a drivers upper body, heart rate reaching 185BPM, a core temperature exceeding 95 degrees Celsuis and oxygen consumption of 3 litres per minute. RaceFuel's scientifically formulated to target these phsycial demands using a comprehensive formula featuring 25 grams of protein, less than 5 grams of carbs, less than 1 gram of fat, added electrolytes and added Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Each tub is 2.27KG. 67 servings

P1 Nutrition Pre-RaceFuel

Pre-RaceFuel is scientifically to enhance performance by boosting energy, focus & stamina. Pre-RaceFuel is designed to be used when the body requires a boost of energy and concentration before driving or training. The comprehensive formula helps you find an edge when every tenth counts, simply mix up your Pre-RaceFuel 15 minutes before training or driving.

Each tub is 750g. 30 servings.

P1 Nutrition shaker

The only shaker to use with both Pre-RaceFuel & RaceFuel

Bottle details and care

Hydrorace bottle specs

  • All bottles are 1L and made by SIGG of Switzerland.
  • Both the bottle and the cap are BPA Free, the straw is Medical Grade PVC.
  • The bottle is made from a solid piece of Aluminium that is then extruded into shape.
  • Bottles will dent if dropped from a height onto tarmac etc. Bottles will not puncture easily and are often billed as indestructible.
  • The interior liner is SIGG's Eco Care liner. Chemically inert once production has been completed. Detailed information available on request.
  • Even when the bottle has been dented, the SIGG Eco Care liner will not crack or flake. It's designed to be highly elastic for this reason.
  • The bottle will happily accept all juices, water and even fizzy drinks. We recommend nuun hydration tabs (available above) as these tend to be the gentlest on the straw, however, the product has been tested with Science in Sport products as well as High-5 tabs, all are fine.
  • Bottle remains watertight when upturned. However shaking vigorously (for instance mixing a nutrition powder) will cause a slight dribble from the cap.
  • The straw is our own specification of blue tinted PVC. Its highly flexible and can be coiled above the cap when the driver is not in the car. It is recommended that the bottle is stored (when not in use during the week/offseason) with the straw uncoiled. If the straw is uncoiled it may take a day or so to return to its original position, this process can be sped up by plunging the straw into warm water if needed.

Cleaning your Hydrorace bottle

  • The bottle itself should be rinsed after single use then thoroughly washed and left to dry after the race weekend/test day.
  • Bottles shouldn't be placed in the dishwasher under any circumstance. Warm soapy water is best.
  • The straw and bite valve can be separated by pulling the valve from the straw. The bite valve can be washed the same way as the bottle. We recommend running water through the length of the straw and leaving to dry naturally.
  • Please avoid leaving the bottle/straw with stagnant water in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, black mould spots will begin to appear.
  • If the above happens, bottles can be sterilised or cleaned with bottle clean tablets (available above). The straw will need to be cleaned with pipe cleaners or replaced.

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